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Contact Biology Computer Support

If you need immediate assistance, please contact the department administration office: 1-6517.

When submitting a problem it is critical that you tell us when we can meet with you to help you fix it. Your problem will get solved much quicker by eliminating emails and calls trying to set up a meeting. Also, we can solve problems quicker when we have as much information about the problem as possible.

If you have a computer problem, a network port activation request, or a problem with a department server, please submit a ticket by going to our ticket system website or sending an email to

Computer Labs and Classrooms

The School of Biological Sciences maintains an open access student computer lab. Hours and a list of installed software can be found on the student computer lab website.

The School of Biological Sciences has several classrooms equipped with computers. Classroom computers have the same installed software as the student computer lab.

Classrooms with student computers:

  • SB 140 (12 computers)
  • SB 140: 12 computers
  • SB 150: 25 computers
  • SB 170: 12 computers
  • SB 180: 8 computers
  • SB 213: 6 computers
  • CSC 105: 1 computer
  • CSS 106: 9 computers
  • CSS 143: 8 computers
  • CSS 146: 9 computers
  • CSS 147: 9 computers
  • JTB 240: 5 computers
  • JTB 245: 5 computers
  • JTB 340: 4 computers
  • JTB 345: 7 computers


We are under constant attack and if you fall victim it can be very costly in terms of time and money.

  • Take the training.
  • Get to know us, there's only 2 of us. Do not trust anyone else unless we tell you they are trustable. Ask us when you don't know something (we love to talk). Please contact the main office (1-6517) if you need immediate assistance.
  • We never ask for passwords. Ever. We don't want to know them. Don't ever tell anyone your password.
  • We will never delete your accounts or personal data without a lot of warning, like weeks or even months. Never believe an email that says you have to act immediately. If something is that urgent we will call over the phone or visit in person.