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Contact Biology Computer Support

If you need immediate assistance, please contact the department administration office: 1-6517.

When submitting a problem it is critical that you tell us when we can meet with you to help you fix it. Your problem will get solved much quicker by eliminating emails and calls trying to set up a meeting. Also, we can solve problems quicker when we have as much information about the problem as possible.

If you have a computer problem, a network port activation request, or a problem with a department server, please submit a ticket by going to our ticket system website or sending an email to

Email Server Documentation

Our email documentation has instructions for configuring some common email clients and how to change your Biology email password.

Go to this webpage to change your email password:

VPN Connection Documentation

Coming soon

Courses Webserver

Help us keep our websites for current courses as accurate and up to date as possible by sending us an email if you have a website on that server and are teaching.

Biology Media Services

There are 4 digital signs managed by the BioMedia group in ASB, SB, LS, and Bldg 44.

On-Line Request for Monitor Display

If you would like content displayed on the department Facebook page, Twitter, or any other means, please contact the department administration office: 1-6517.

Computer Labs and Classrooms

The School of Biological Sciences maintains an open access student computer lab. Hours and a list of installed software can be found on the student computer lab website.

The School of Biological Sciences has several classrooms equipped with computers. Classroom computers have the same installed software as the student computer lab.

Classrooms with student computers:

  • SB 140 (16 computers)
  • SB 150 (24 computers)
  • SB 170 (16 computers)
  • SB 180 (16 computers)
  • SB 213 (6 computers)
  • JTB 240 (4 computers)
  • JTB 245 (4 computers)
  • JTB 340 (4 computers)
  • JTB 345 (6 computers)

Classrooms with an instructor computer and projector(s):

  • ASB 210
  • ASB 220
  • JTB 130
  • JTB 140
  • JTB 310

Other Services

Online software

  • Google docs
  • iCloud - Free online beta versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
  • Lucidchart - Lucid Software has donated Lucidchart & Lucidpress to all Utah public schools. All University of Utah students, staff and faculty are eligible to use the software solely for educational, research and non-profit activities as long as you register with your uNID email address ( and as long as it is not used for profit making purposes.
  • Mendeley - Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network.


The University is under constant attack in one form or another. Please be skeptical of emails, phone calls, or visits from anyone claiming to be part of the computer staff. Here are some tips to help you stay secure.

  • Get to know us. There are only 2 of us, James and Spencer. Emails are easy to forge so don't believe it's us just because it says it's from us.
  • We never ask for passwords. Ever. We don't want to know them. Don't ever tell anyone your password.
  • Anyone can make a website that looks like it's official. Make sure any webpage you visit begins with the correct server name. All official department website URL's should begin with "". All official campus websites should begin with "". Never type in your password on a website that you aren't positive is legitimate. The email server begins with "" and will never ask for your uNID password, only the biology mail server password (which is different).
  • "" and "" exist for classes and faculty and although there are many passwords on websites there, the passwords should never be your uNID or other personal password.
  • Some campus services are hosted on 3rd party webservers. For example, we use for our ticket system. You can setup an account on that server, but realize that the password you choose will be stored on that 3rd party server. Please do not use the same password as your uNID or other department password. We do not vouch for the safety of that password.
  • We will never delete your accounts or personal data without a lot of warning. Never believe an email that says you have to act immediately. If something is that urgent we will call or visit.
  • We try to let the department administrative office know when we send out emails to faculty or staff so that anyone can verify that what is happening is legitimate. Please contact them (1-6517) if you are ever in doubt.