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Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology Program

EEOB Program

Study the ecology and evolution of how organisms interact with their environment.

The program encompasses physiology, behavior, genetics, species-interactions and ecosystem processes. An in-depth understanding of these topics is critical given the changing nature of our planet.

We have a vibrant group of faculty, post doctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates conducting research both locally and internationally.

Faculty Who Are Recruiting Graduate Students

Research Interest Areas

Behavior & Neurobiology

How animals use their nervous systems to shape behavior

Coevolutionary Biology

How species that interact closely shape each other

Ecology & Conservation Biology

How interactions affect the distributions and abundances of species

Ecosystem Science

How regional domains of life respond to biotic and abiotic factors

Evolution & Biodiversity

How species diverge from their ancestors and each other

Genetics & Genomics

How genes and environments interact to shape phenotypes

Microbial Biology

How single-celled organisms rule the world

Physiology & Functional Morphology

How organisms work as highly structured machines

Plant Biology

How plants diversify and make the fuels used by other living things