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General Biology B.S/B.A

Curriculum for the General Biology B.S/B.A
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Biology is the scientific study of life and living organisms. It encompasses a broad spectrum, from the molecular level, studying the basic building blocks of life such as DNA and proteins, to the cellular level, where these molecules come together to form cells, the basic units of life. It further extends to the study of tissues and organs, which are collections of similar cells performing specific functions, and organisms, which are complex structures comprising multiple organ systems. Biology also includes the study of populations of a species (population biology) and communities of different living species interacting with each other and their environment (ecology). It seeks to answer fundamental questions about the nature, mechanism, development, origin and evolution of living entities. The knowledge gained from studying biology is applied in many fields, including medicine, agriculture, and conservation.

Warning: requirements can change without notice. Please check with an advisor for up to date information.

The Science Core (30 cr)

  • CHEM 1210 or CHEM 1211, Gen Chem I or Honors Gen Chem I (4 cr)
  • CHEM 1215 or CHEM 1240, Gen Chem Lab I or Honors Gen Chem Lab I (1 cr)
  • CHEM 1220 or CHEM 1221, Gen Chem II or Honors Gen Chem I (4 cr)
  • CHEM 1215 or CHEM 1241, Gen Chem Lab II or Honors Gen Chem Lab II (1 cr)
  • CHEM 2310 or CHEM 2311, Organic Chem I or Honors Organic Chem I (4 cr)
  • MATH 1170 or MATH 1210, Calculus for Biologists I or Calculus I(4 cr)
  • MATH 1180 or MATH 1220, Statistics with Calculus for Biologists or Calculus II (4 cr)
  • PHYS 2010 or PHYS 2210, Gen Physics I or Physics for Scientists and Engineers I (4 cr)
  • PHYS 2020 or PHYS 2220, Gen Physics II or Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (4 cr)

The Biology Core (16–17 cr)

  • BIOL 1610, Fundamental Principles of Biology I (4 cr)
  • BIOL 1615, Fundamental Principles of Biology Lab I (1 cr)
  • BIOL 1620, Fundamental Principles of Biology II (4 cr)
  • BIOL 1625, Fundamental Principles of Biology Lab II (1 cr)
  • BIOL 2020 or BIOL 2021, Principles of Cell Biology (3 cr) or Principles of Cell Science (4 cr)
  • BIOL 2030, Genetics (3 cr)

Required Courses (9 cr)

  • BIOL 3410, Ecology and Evolution (3 cr)
  • BIOL 3510 or CHEM 3510, Biological Chemistry I (3 cr)
  • One form-and-function course from the following list:
    • BIOL 3310, Comparative Vertebrate Morphology (3 cr)
    • BIOL 3320, Comparative Physiology (3 cr)
    • BIOL 3330, Behavioral Neurobiology (3 cr)
    • BIOL 3340, Introduction ot Plant Biology (3 cr)
    • Biol 3370, Microbial Biology (3 cr)
    • BIOL 3665, Form, Function and Adaptation in Animals (3 cr, 2 lab units)
    • BIOL 5555 or 5570, Ecology and Evolution of Parasites and Pathogens (3 cr)

Electives (for a total of 36 biology credits)

In addition to the biology core courses, all biology majors must choose from a list of electives to satisfy the following requirements:  
  • two 5000-level biology courses
  • two biology lab courses totaling three units
  • minimum of 40 upper division hours (3000+).
  • 21 Biology credit hours must be taken at the U