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John “Sandy” Parkinson, Academy of Sciences

December 9, 2019 – John S. Parkinson was one of two fellows from the University of Utah named to the Council of the American Association for the Advancement of Science for “distinguished contributions to the field of molecular microbiology, particularly using genetic and in vivo analyses to study bacterial chemotaxis, behavior and signal transduction.”

“My election as AAAS Fellow is, indeed, a greatly appreciated honor,” says Parkinson, who goes by “Sandy.”

“I believe that it recognizes the nearly 50 years of research by my group at the U into the molecular signaling mechanisms that bacteria have evolved to detect and respond adaptively to environmental changes. Since my arrival at the U in 1972, my lab’s research has been funded by NIH grants, the first of which is now in its 46th year of continuous support. We’ve exploited the chemotaxis behavior of E. coli as an experimental model to study chemoreception and signal transduction mechanisms of transmembrane chemoreceptor proteins.  We’ve discovered mechanisms and general principles never imagined at the outset of our work.  Yet, there are signaling mysteries still unsolved. My group hopes to learn more molecular answers in the years to come.”

You can read a story about Parkinson’s Research Associate, Caralyn Flack here.

Past and present U researchers in the National Academies

Below are lists of current or former University of Utah faculty elected to one or more of the National Academies. Note that some were elected before or after their tenure at the university, and that some have died since their election.

National Academy of Sciences: SBS’s James Ehleringer, Brenda Bass, Cynthia Burrows, Wesley Sundquist, Polly Wiessner, James O’Connell, SBS’s Mario Capecchi, Peter Stang, Thure Cerling, Henry Harpending, Kristen Hawkes, Jesse D. Jennings, Cheves Walling, Sidney Velick, John R. Roth, Josef Michl, Ray White, Julian Steward, Jeremy Sabloff, Henry Eyring, Louis Goodman, SBS’s Baldomero “Toto” Olivera and Dale Poulter.

National Academy of Engineering: Jindrich Kopecek, R. Peter King, Adel Sarofim, Sung Wan Kim, Gerald Stringfellow, Donald Dahlstrom, George Hill, Jan D. Miller, Milton E. Wadsworth, Thomas G. Stockham, John Herbst, Stephen C. Jacobsen, Willem J. Kolff, Anil Virkar and William A. Hustrulid.

National Academy of Medicine: Sung Wan Kim, Stephen C. Jacobsen, SBS’s Baldomero “Toto” Olivera, SBS’s Mario Capecchi, Vivian Lee, Eli Adashi, Paul D. Clayton and Homer R. Warner.