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Our program aims to support folks in groups that are historically excluded from STEM as they prepare their applications to any biology graduate program.

Curated resources below are available to everyone. Additional mentorship is available to folks on the axes of diversity. Folks on the axes of diversity include Black, Indigenous, and other folks of color, people with disability, LGBTQIA+ individuals, undocumented, and first-generation folks. We are excited to be part of your journey to graduate program!


Diversity Fellows Program Steps


Step 1: Consider Graduate School

So you're considering graduate school?


Step 2: Highlight You On The Application

Crafting Your CV
Writing your Personal Statement

Additional Resources

Review of application drafts are first-come-first-serve. We are ready to receive your drafts  November 1st, 2022. We plan to provide feedback 2 weeks after your submission, at the latest.

Drafts may be submitted here:

 Submit Draft

Step 3: Shine At Your Interview

Securing Interviews

Interviewing Skills

Example Interviews

Additional Resources

Folks who identify on the axes of diversity have the opportunity to schedule a mock interview with a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow from the School of Biological Sciences.

Mock Interview Will Be Open Soon

30-minute interview slots are limited, and are first-come-first-serve.

Step 4: Identify Graduate Resources

Community building is important. We all need support during our graduate education. Below is a small slice of resources on our campus.

On-Campus Resources

Graduate on campus Resources

Outdoors Exploring

Outdoor Adventures Resources

Additional Resources

Científico Latino curated awesome resources on admission, and other aspects of graduate schools.
Admission Resources