Information for Biology Students Interested in Internships

An internship can provide you with professional experience, networking contacts for future employment, and a familiarity with how your education can be applied in the “real-world”.

This page provides you with information on expectations of your performance as an intern, current internship opportunities, agency expectations, and contact information for the School of Biological Sciences Internship Coordinator.

Expectations of Student Interns:

  • Research and apply for internships in a self-motivated and autonomous manner
  • Maintain clear communication with the internship provider as far as expectations, timelines, and measures of success
  • Behave in an impeccably professional manner during the internship as you are a representative of the School of Biological Sciences and the University of Utah
  • Provide feedback to the School of Biological Sciences Internship Coordinator

Earning Academic Credit for your Internship:

  • Biology majors can earn academic credit for biology-focused internships of at least 50 hours. Contact for more information.

Current Internship Opportunities:

  • Natural History Museum of Utah Jobs

    • Youth Teaching Youth (YTY) Informal Education Intern - part-time 5 hrs/week for 12 weeks - nonbenefited - open until filled
    • STEM Education Intern - part-time 10 hrs/week for 12 weeks - nonbenefited - open until filled
    • School Programs Assistant (Work-Study) - part-time 19 hrs/week - nonbenefited - posting close date 9/6/2019
    • Assistant Public Programs Coordinator - part-time 19 hrs/week - nonbenefited - open until filled
    • Vertebrate Collections Digitization and Transcription Assistant (Work-Study)- part-time 10 hrs/week - nonbenefited - open until filled, but review of applications will begin August 23, 2019
    • Vertebrate Zoology Fluid-Preserved Collections Intern- part-time 10 hrs/week - nonbenefited - open until filled, but review of applications will begin August 23, 2019
    • Paleontology Collections Intern- part-time 10 hrs/week - nonbenefited - open until filled, but review of applications will begin August 23, 2019.
    • Vertebrate Zoology Digitization Undergraduate Technician and Graduate Technician
    • Paleontology Digitization Undergraduate Technician and Graduate Technician
    • Collections Digitization Undergraduate Technician and Graduate Technician
    • Botany Digitization Undergraduate Technician and Graduate Technician

  • The Anacostia Consulting Group is a small business-consulting firm that helps clients assess and mitigate the risks and impacts from a range of hazards ranging from climate change to financial risk to safety and security.

    Quantitative Skillset
    (Computer Science/Engineering, Science/Environmental Science/Geography/GIS) 
    - updating and developing an Oil Spill Model to determine estimators for future oil spills;
    - Conducting Fault Tree Analysis/Monte Carlo simulations to model potential outcomes;
    - Conduct Risk Analysis to support a current project (Risk management approach to governance, Impact of oil spills in unexplored regions, Natural disaster avoidance versus mitigation versus loss);
    - Support work developing spatial models (in ArcGIS or SQL Spatial);
    - Develop adaptive learning simulations and modules.
    - Assist with proposal development for federal contracts, NSF, and grant proposals;
    - Assist with project research and writing (projects may include: extrapolating and analyzing the potential for oil spills in the Atlantic Ocean, multi-hazard analysis; International Capacity Building, International Cooperation, Security Issues in Southeast Asia, Comprehensive energy planning for Southeast Asian nations, the history of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Climate Change affects in the Arctic);

    Contact Gina Shipley if you are interested or have any questions.

  • The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF) has an opening for a part-time, paid lab tech to focus on insect biology. The hours are very flexible and can accommodate a student's class schedule. The 29 hours/week indicated in the attached flyer is more of a maximum rather than a weekly expectation. The lab tech position will be able to get some great experience with qPCR and insect identification. The description is attached and UDAF is looking to hire ASAP. Any questions, please direct to Stephen Stanko, UDAF Entomology Lab Lead,, 801-538-4912. PDF

  • SCA, the Student Conservation Association is the nation's oldest and largest provider of conservation internships, offering nearly 2000 expense paid opportunities each year. Internships last from 12 weeks to 12 months, start at all times throughout the year, and are found all across the country. SCA is an expense paid internship program, and offers the following benefits: Free travel to and from your site, Free housing and biweekly subsistence allowance, Deferment of qualified college loans, and AmeriCorps Education Awards
    Students have the opportunity to work directly with mentors and professionals from the Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), U.S Forest Service, the National Park Service, BLM, as well as many other State and local parks all over the U.S.A. Internships are found in a wide variety of fields, including: fish and wildlife, education, GIS/GPS resource management, and backcountry botany. Visit this website to apply: Appy
  • The Nature Conservancy has multiple internship opportunities at the local, national, and global level for science-focused undergraduate students. These give you exposure to real projects and challenges in the conservation arena. Internships at The Nature Conservancy can be paid or unpaid, but should be directly related to a current or recently accredited educational program. Individuals may also receive school credit from an education institution in addition to or in lieu of wages.
    GLOBE program
    TNC job board
  • T3S Technologies, Inc. is a biotechnology company based in Salt Lake City, Utah formed by worldrenowned microbial geneticists and industry professionals. T3S has developed the most advanced bacterial expression system, capable of directly exporting proteins out of the cell at a rate several folds greater than any other bacterial secretion system; thus, allowing for a significant reduction in the cost of manufacturing large molecule pharmaceuticals, known as biologics, and biological industrial products that is unmatched by any other expression system. See PDF Flyer. Please send your CVs to Will Cheng (
  • Pathways to Science - A useful link for undergrads seeking both summer internship and research opportunities in the STEM fields
  • Natural Resource Strategies is seeking a part-time Program Associate (10-20 hours/week), with a minimum of 3 years professional experience, for our Salt Lake City, UT office to support our growing business. Opportunities for full-time positions may be available in the near future. Apply
  • Wild Utah Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides scientific research to land managers, citizen activists and other conservation partners. Wild Utah Project fills a critical niche here in Utah by providing the scientific support needed to shape regional land use in a way that restores native wildlife, maintains ecological integrity, expands wilderness, protects biodiversity, and provides for ecosystem resilience in the face of climate change.
  • Colorado U Mountain Research Station
  • Momentum Recycling Internship
  • Bureau of Land Management's internship programs
  • US Forest Service internship program
  • Vironika LLC offers an internship for an individual wanting to gain research experience and explore career opportunities at an early stage biotechnology company.
  • Knudra is a Salt Lake City based biotech company specializing in model-­organism
    bioengineering. We contract our service platforms for use by industry and academia. Our
    mission is to provide innovative research tools to advance scientific discovery and reduce the
    cost of drug development. Genetics Internship, Molecular Biology Internship
  • Salt Lake City Internship Programs

Agencies and Organizations for Student Initiated Internships

Additional Internship Resources

Career & Professional Development has important resources for students seeking internships. Eric Bloomquist is the Career Services Advisor for science majors, 801-581-5624. A very useful page, Finding An Internship is on the Career Services site. To schedule an appointment on-line click Career Scheduler

Training and Expermentation in Computational Biology Training and Experimentation in Computational Biology (TECBio): "Simulation and Visualization of Biological Systems at Multiple Scales" REU program is a 10-week summer program that will provide a challenging and fulfilling graduate-level research experience to undergraduate students. A wide variety of theoretical and experimental research projects are available to our participating students.

Community Engaged Learning and Internship Coordinator Contact Information

Amy Sibul, M.S.
School of Biological Sciences, University of Utah


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