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Undergraduate Research Mentoring

STEM Undergraduate Experience

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are not the only people doing research at the School. Undergraduates can also get involved in one of three ways: the College of Science’s Scientific Research Initiative (SRI) which places incoming freshman into a lab; through the Undergraduate Research Mentoring program; and by contacting professors directly for opportunities to participate in discovery-based research.


If you are interested in which labs are actively seeking students, take a look at the google sheet. This list may not be extensive, so please reach out if you are interested in specific labs or research areas and a mentor would be happy to help you!

Google Sheet

First Hand Feedback

Talk to a graduate student or postdoc about finding:

  • Finding you research interest
  • Contacting primary investigators to join a lab
  • Guidance on navigating research
  • Guidance on graduate school

We Offer

  • Flexible virtual office hours
  • Web page resources
  • Personalized, individual mentorship based on your needs
  • Spanish speakers available

Why a Mentor?

"Working with a faculty member in research is one of the most exciting, challenging ... sometimes even the scariest thing I've ever done. In the end what a mentor gives you is not only knowledge, but confidence. A mentor demonstrates how you need to trust yourself, and trust the process of the scientific method which is endlessly full of possibilities."

-   J.S.