Graduate Core seminars

Graduate core seminars are organized on an ad hoc basis around topics of current interest to faculty and students. Participants read and critically discuss selected papers from the primary literature. A typical core seminar meets for two hours once a week, for seven or eight weeks (one half semester). Because they are so interesting and timely, core seminars also frequently attract unofficial participation by faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and advanced undergrads. Here are the titles of some recent offerings.

  • Genomics for Biologists: So Many Genomes, So Little Time
    Colin Dale
  • Biological Responses to Climate Change
    David Bowling
  • Biological Clocks: Molecular Mechanisms, Physiology and Ecology
    Franz Goller and Stan Williams
  • Host-Parasite Evolution
    Dale Clayton & Wayne Potts
  • Prions: Strange Diseases, Strange Genetics, and Strange Protein Folding
    David Goldenberg
  • Ion Channels: Molecular Biology, Function, Disease
    Toto Olivera
  • Mechanics and Energetics of Terrestrial Locomotion
    Dave Carrier
  • Endothermy: Physiology and Evolution
    Colleen Farmer & Franz Goller
  • The Biology of Aggression and Violence
    Dave Carrier and Jon Seger
  • Biodiversity Dynamics
    Dinah Davidson
  • Kinky Reproductive Isolation
    Glenn Herrick & Jon Seger
  • Human Impacts on the Earth's Ecosystems
    Lissy Coley & Tom Kursar
  • Experimental Evolution
    Wayne Potts
  • Topics in Biometry
    Don Feener
  • Water and Ecology of Western Ecosystems
    Dave Bowling
  • Scaling in Ecology
    Dinah Davidson
  • Ecology of Adaptive Radiation
    Dale Clayton
  • Faculty Research Forum
    Lynn Bohs & Dale Clayton
  • Teaching Cell Biology to Undergraduates
    Janet Shaw
  • Animal Communication: Physiology, Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution
    Neil Vickers & Franz Goller
  • 'Sixth Senses' in Animals
    Neil Vickers & Franz Goller
  • Classic Controversies in Ecology
    Don Feener
  • Introduction to Phylogenetics
    Bob Minckley, Patrice Corneli & David Reed