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SBS Anatomy Faculty

Jonathan Groot
Associate Professor (Lecturer) | Anatomy
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David Temme
Professor, Lecturer | Physiology
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Shawn Miller
Associate Professor | Human & Comparative Anatomy
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Courses Offered at the School of Biological Sciences in Anatomy & Physiology

  • Biol 2325: Human Anatomy
  • Biol 3360: Vertebrate Embryology
  • Biol 5312: Human Dissection
  • Biol 5313: Teaching Anatomy
  • Biol 5314: Anatomy Colloquium
  • Biol 5315: Advanced Human Anatomy
  • Biol 5316: Anatomy and Physiology Colloquium
  • Biol 3315: Comparative Morphology Lab
  • Biol 4312: Human Dissection
  • Biol 2420: Human Physiology
  • Biol 3380: Evolution and Physical Basis of Health

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The Human Anatomy Lab and Program at the SBS works in collaboration with Integrative Human Biology. An interdisciplinary initiative and interdepartmental minor based in the Departments of Anthropology and Biology and open to students in all majors. Its purpose is to advance education and research in human form and function, human evolution and biological variation, human behavior, and the roles humans play in local and globalecosystems. The IHB minor should be of particular interest to students who are considering careers in the health professions (medicine, nursing, physical therapy, public health, social work, etc.), environmental science and law, biology, and anthropology.
Integrative Human Biology

Free Student and Teacher Resources

Renaissance Man: The Art & Science of Andreas Vesalius (Speaker, Mark Nielsen)

In 2014 humanity marked the 500thanniversary of the birth of Andreas Vesalius(1514-1564), still recognized today for his contributions to understanding human anatomy. Vesalius is particularly noted for his De Humani Corporis Fabrica (Fabric of the Human Body), first published in 1543, and revised and reprinted in 1555. The 1555 edition of De Humani Corporis Fabrica is held by the Rare Books Division and may be looked at in-person in the Special Collections Reading Room, Level 4 of the J. Willard Marriott Library or online at

Mark Nielsen provided this lecture in celebration of Vesalius’scontributions.

Mark Nielsen: Understanding the Peripheral Nervous System | Teaching Anatomy and Physiology Series

In this webinar, Mark Nielsen leads a discussion on the evolutionary and developmental patterns that clarify the structural organization of the peripheral nervous system.

Teaching Anatomy & Physiology (webinar with Mark Nielsen)

The peripheral nervous system, from the cranial nerves to the spinal nerves and all their autonomic branches, is a daunting network of wires that communicate input and output between all parts of the body and the central nervous system. Join Mark Nielsen for a discussion on the evolutionary and developmental patterns that clarify the structural organization of the peripheral nervous system.

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