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Kathy Phan
Pharmacy Student
University of Utah Pharmacy School

Kathy Phanl

Kathy received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Psychology Degree at the University of Utah and is now working towards her Pharmacy Degree at the University of Utah School of Medicine and conducting her pharmacy internship at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital. Kathy enjoys being a student and learning about drug mechanisms and pathyophysiology. She likes learning what a drug or chemical does in our bodies and what our bodies do to the drugs to prevent toxicity and damage.

How has your participation in the Bioscience Program had an impact on your career?
Participating in the Bioscience Undergraduate Research Program gave me an advantage and head start in science and research. The program gave me opportunities to present articles that required critical thinking, analysis, and assessment skills that I have been applying to my current position as a pharmacy student and intern.

What advice would you give current students who aspire to follow a similar career path?
Take the time to investigate the many opportunities that are available to you. This will help you better define your dreams and goals.

What accomplishments are you most proud of (professionally and/or personally)?
The accomplishment that I am most proud of recently was being selected as an ESLC Teacher of the Month. It made me more confident in my teaching skills and methods.

What do you enjoy doing with your free time?  Family?  Hobbies?  Interests?
In my free time, I love playing board games with my nephews such as Monopoly, Candy land, and our favorite, Jenga. Spending time with family has been a great way to relax and help balance out life with work and school


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