Biology Learning Center

Drop-in Tutoring Mon-Fri. during Fall and Spring semesters

Cell Biology (Bio 2020), Genetics (Bio 2030), Evo/Divers (Bio 2010)
and Fundamentals of Biology I & II (Bio 1610 & 1620)
Plus additional courses

South Biology (Bldg 84) Atrium and Room 103

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Lucas Moyer-Horner
Director, Biology Learning Center
School of Biological Sciences
University of Utah
Office Hours:
   Mon. & Wedn. 9:45-10:45
or by appt
South Biology - Bldg 84, Rm 103
257 South 1400 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


1610-Fundamentals- I

2020-Cell Bio TA's

2030-Genetics TA's

Brittnee Bingham See Course Instructor or   Makenna Johnson
Erin Garzella Canvas page for TA names   Yung-Chi Lan
Isaac Guynn and schedule   Kate Lemons
Lauren Lewis     Truc Vuong
Bibhash Neupane      


  See Course Instructor or    
  Canvas page for TA names    
  and schedule