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Bioscience Undergraduate Research Training Program

Restructured program will be announced soon.

Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)

The purpose of the program is to provide undergraduate students an intensive 10-week research experience under the mentorship of a University of Utah faculty member. The program provides opportunities to gain research experience in a variety of biological fields, including biochemistry, cell and developmental biology, ecology, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, and neurobiology..

High School Summer Research Program

The Bioscience High School Summer Research Program offers students two weeks of training in basic laboratory procedures followed by six weeks of assisting faculty with research. Students must have three years of math and three science courses (including Biology and Chemistry) completed by the end of their junior year. Applicants must be residents of Utah.

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For more information on research opportunities for undergraduates, please contact:

In person:
University of Utah
Building 44, Room 224
(801) 581-5013

Mailing Address:
Bioscience Undergraduate Research Program
University of Utah
Department of Biology
257 South 1400 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0840

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