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The Department of Biology welcomes your financial support. Many of our scholarships and programs for undergraduate and graduate students are supported by your generous donations. Whether you wish to contribute in response to current program or campaign solicitations (such as those detailed below) or desire to support another cause, we truly appreciate your kindness. Donations to Biology can be made by mail or through the Office of Development website.

Undergraduate Research and Lab Scholarships

As part of a campus-wide effort to prime undergraduate students for success, the Biology Department is seeking support to increase undergraduate research and lab opportunities. Through the Bioscience Undergraduate Research Program (BioURP) and other undergraduate research scholarships and “mini-grants” we can ensure that young students are provided with ample opportunities to join robust learning communities and cohorts, receive valuable advisement and mentorship from faculty and peers, receive financial assistance and support while pursuing their Biology goals, and enjoy a deeply engaged learning experience. Early access to these resources is proven to increase student and career success. Visit the BioURP alumni page to see many of these success stories.

We invite you to join the Biology Department and the University of Utah in promoting student success by donating to Undergraduate Research and Lab Scholarships today. As an added incentive, the Biology Department is matching all gifts to the undergraduate program up to $1,000, through April 30th. Gifts can be made directly through the Development Office website by clicking on this link: Undergraduate Research and Lab Scholarships

Legler Lecturer in Human Anatomy

Donate to the Legler Endowed Lecturer

Professor John LeglerProfessor Mark NielsenAutopsy paintingFor over half a century, the late Professor John Legler and Professor Mark Nielsen have revolutionized the field of teaching human anatomy at the University of Utah. Through their tireless efforts, over 30,000 students have gained a detailed understanding of the structure, organization, and function of the human body. The legacy that John cultivated and left for so many continues to grow through Mark’s distinguished state-of-the-art work. In 2016 Mark will be celebrating 30 years in the Human Anatomy Lab.

The Human Anatomy Lab has provided a solid foundation for thousands of professionals throughout Utah, the nation, and the world: doctors, dentists, nurses, anatomists, physical therapists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, exercise sports professionals, scholars, medical illustrators … the list goes on. The passion for anatomy that Professor Legler conveyed, and that Professor Nielsen continues to express and cultivate has inspired and created enduring bonds with countless students. The number of lives touched by their influence is even greater.

In honor of their priceless work, an endowment has been established to support the Human Anatomy Lab. Support for the Legler Lecturer in Human Anatomy continues to grow as generous donors contribute to ensure that this legacy of teaching excellence in Human Anatomy will continue in perpetuity.

Now, our aim is to grow the Legler Endowment into an endowed professorship. We invite you to participate in this unprecedented opportunity to honor the memory of Dr. Legler, and support the continuing legacy of Dr. Nielsen. By supporting The Legler Lecturer in Human Anatomy, you will ensure that future generations of science and health professionals will receive undergraduate instruction —and inspiration— from world-class teachers worthy of continuing the rich legacy that Dr. Legler and Dr. Nielsen have created.

(Legler Endowed Lecturer).

Biology Graduate Fund

With over 80 graduate students, the Department of Biology owes much of its success in teaching, research, and discovery to this upcoming generation of scientists. These graduate students dedicate countless hours in the lab, the classroom, and the field. They are research colleagues to our esteemed faculty, and invaluable mentors to our undergraduate students. Your contribution can provide vital support to these students in the form of graduate scholarships and fellowships. Please consider supporting the Biology Graduate Fund today!