Often defined as the study of genomes, the field of genomics aims to elucidate the structure, function and interaction of an organism's genes. Laboratories in the School of Biological Sciences use genomic approaches to address questions of central importance to the biological sciences. A specific focus in the School is to understand how variation in the primary DNA sequences of genomes underlies changes in gene function - and hence in genetic regulatory pathways - to result in phenotypic differences among individuals, populations, and species (for example, differences in morphology, or in susceptibility to disease).

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Brazelton, WilliamBrazelton
Castillo, DeanCastillo
Clark, RichardClark Lab801-585-9722,
Dale, ColinDale
Dentinger, BrynDentinger
Gagnon, JamesGagnon
Karasov, TaliaKarasov
Phadnis, NitinPhadnis
Shapiro, MichaelShapiro
Sieburth, LeslieSieburth
Werner, MichaelWerner

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