Behavioral interests span all major subdisciplines including behavioral ecology, neuroethology, behavioral physiology and evolution. Research programs in our School use invertebrate and vertebrate model systems with the following strong foci: behavioral ecology of social insects; communication (moth olfactory communication, electric fish, acoustic behavior of frogs, reptiles and birds); behavioral physiology and ecology of reptiles, birds and mammals.

Name Unit Phone Email
Adler, FredAdler
Caron, SophieCaron
Castillo, DeanCastillo
Dearing, M. DeniseDearing
Feener, DonFeener Lab801-581-6444;
Goller, FranzGoller
Parkinson, John S. (Sandy)Parkinson
Potts, WaynePotts Lab801-585-9677;
Rose, GaryRose
Vickers, NeilVickers
Yamaguchi, AyakoYamaguchi

Other Research Interest Areas