Genetics is the study of inheritance, and geneticists seek to explain the mechanisms and outcomes of the transmission of genetic material between individuals and populations. Research interests in genetics by Department of Biology faculty are broad, and range from understanding basic mechanisms of chromosomal stability and transmission, to understanding the causes and consequences of DNA sequence differences within and among populations and species.

Name Unit Phone Email
Adler, FredAdler
Ames, PeterParkinson
Bandyopadhyay, PradipOlivera
Brockie, PennyMaricq
Capecchi, MarioCapecchi
Caron, SophieCaron
Clark, RichardClark Lab801-585-9722,
Dale, ColinDale
Drews, GaryDrews
Golic, KentGolic
Hollien, JulieHollien Lab801-587-7783;
Hughes, KellyHughes
Jorgensen, ErikJorgensen
Maricq, VilluMaricq
McIntosh, MichaelMcIntosh
Mellem, JerryMaricq
Parkinson, John S. (Sandy)Parkinson
Phadnis, NitinPhadnis
Potts, WaynePotts Lab801-585-9677;
Rog, OferRog
Schmidt, EricAdjunct
Seger, JonSeger
Shapiro, MichaelShapiro
Sieburth, LeslieSieburth
Wolstenholme, DavidWolstenholme

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