Biochemistry & Structural Biology

A simple, unsolved code of life brings 1D sequence information stored in genes to 3D functional forms, enzymes, macromolecules, assemblies, and organelles that build complex living systems. This interest group explores macromolecular design, physiology, and evolution through analysis of molecular structure, dynamics, and behavior with state-of-the art methods such as x-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy, revealing a hidden biochemical universe underlying the visible biological world.

Name Unit Phone Email
Bandyopadhyay, PradipOlivera
Belnap, DavidHSC Cores
Blair, DavidBlair Lab801-585-3709;
Gajewiak, JoannaOlivera
Goldenberg, DavidGoldenberg Lab801-581-3885;
Hollien, JulieHollien
Horvath, MartinHorvath
Imperial, JulitaOlivera
McIntosh, MichaelMcIntosh
Olivera, BaldomeroOlivera
Parkinson, John S. (Sandy)Parkinson
Schmidt, EricAdjunct
Vershinin, MichaelVershinin
Werner, MichaelWerner

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